Bernard Garry ASE

Recognised in the top tier of Australian commercial editors, Bernard Garry is a founding member and well established talent in The Editors’ stable with multiple industry-awarded credentials earned over a varied career.

ASE-accredited since 2010, Bernard won a Best Editing ASE in the same year for NAB’s More Give Less Take and  won a Gold AWARD and Silver Clio following his work on the Australian Defence Force’s What Is Up campaign. He has won Gold and Silver awards at a host of industry award shows, including New York Festivals, Clios, LIAs and from the MADC.

Bernard’s highly visual, instinctive style draws from European cinema and finds inspiration in story-driven narratives cut against a strong score. Working across the globe, Bernard calls Sydney home. A self-described design nerd and record collector, Bernard is also an avid follower of the Sydney Swans.