Bernard Garry ASE
Bernard Garry ASE
  • Formerly Karl Marks
  • Partner, The Editors
  • ASE accredited in 2010
  • Numerous International awards including CLIO, London, AWARD, New York, Gong, ATV, MADC
  • Best Editing ASE 2012 - NAB ‘More Give Less Take’
  • Best Editing AWARD Bronze 2013 - BNZ ‘Good with Money’
  • Best Editing AWARD Gold 2017 - Airforce ‘What is Up?'
Stuart Morley
Stuart Morley
  • Stuart has been editing for more than 20 years, after starting as an assistant in 1993 at Karl Marks Post Production in Sydney, Australia.
  • Stuart is an editor of commercials and films; many of which have been awarded internationally.
  • He has also been nominated for Best Feature Editor by the Australian Screen Editors Guild for the movie Men's Group.

Mark Burnett
Tim Mauger
Alexandre De Franceschi ASE
Ryan Boucher
Ryan Boucher
  • Moved to the UK 2008.  Joined Marshall Street Editors in 2013
  • Nominated for best editing at Ciclope for the past two years for 'Guinness' and 'NOS'
  • Multi award winner at D&AD, Creative Circle, Media Guardian Awards and the Euro Effies
  • 'Walls' nominated for a Music + Sound Award for best use of existing music
  • 'I Want Muscle' winner of the Grand Prix at ASVOFF. Featured worldwide in a plethora of year end ‘Best Of’ articles
  • 'A Stranger Kind' short film, award winner of multiple international film festivals.
Jessica Mutascio
Jessica Mutascio
  • Left the U.S. in 2008 for Australia
  • Joined The Editors in 2011
  • Best Editing at the ASEs in Open Content, 2014 for Canon "Shine"
  • Best Editing at the ASEs for a Music Video, 2015 for We are the Brave "Your Ghost"
  • Cut her first feature film in 2016, "The Marshes", an Australian thriller, due for release in 2017.
Peter Barton
Peter Barton
  • Formerly The Post Office Films
  • Partner, The Editors
  • Nominated for Best Editing Open Content 2014 - Levis 'A Billion Stories'
  • Best Editing AFI in a Documentary 2010 ‘Connected - The Power of Six Degrees’
  • Best Editing in a Music Video 2012 ASE - Angus Stone ‘Bird on a Buffalo’
  • Feature Film Credit ‘The Man Who Sued God’
Laurence van Camp
Laurence van Camp
  • Moved to Australia in 2010 from NZ
  • Joined the Editors 2013
  • Feature Film 'Nerve' at the 2013 Sydney Film Festival
  • Big fan of drama, both on and off screen.
  • 'Psychoanalysis' feature film, award winner at multiple international film festivals
Stewart Reeves
Stewart Reeves
  • Formerly Guillotine, The Whitehouse London & Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
  • Joined The Editors in 2010
  • Moved to Rock, Paper, Scissors LA in 2012 and repped here in Australia by The Editors
  • Best Editing awards include CLIO & AWARD
  • Recent campaigns include Adidas ‘Blow Up‘, Vodafone 'Bucket List' & Budweiser ‘Collective Energy'
Grace Eyre
Grace Eyre
  • Originally from Mt. Pleasant, Texas, moving to Australia from the US in 2012, joining the Editors in 2013
  • International Women's Day "50 Shades of No" shortlisted for Cannes Glass Lion, 2018
  • Enjoys narrative, dramatic, and experimental styles of filmmaking
  • Published the science fiction novel 'Prolongment' in 2013
  • Does an ok American accent
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