Bernard Garry ASE
Bernard Garry ASE
  • Formerly Karl Marks
  • Partner, The Editors
  • ASE accredited in 2010
  • Numerous International awards including CLIO, London, AWARD, New York, Gong, ATV, MADC
  • Best Editing ASE 2012 - NAB ‘More Give Less Take’
  • Best Editing AWARD Bronze 2013 - BNZ ‘Good with Money’
  • Best Editing AWARD Gold 2017 - Airforce ‘What is Up?'
Jessica Mutascio
Jessica Mutascio
  • Left the U.S. in 2008 for Australia
  • Joined The Editors in 2011
  • Best Editing at the ASEs in Open Content, 2014 for Canon "Shine"
  • Best Editing at the ASEs for a Music Video, 2015 for We are the Brave "Your Ghost"
  • Cut her first feature film in 2016, "The Marshes", an Australian thriller, due for release in 2017.
Laurence van Camp
Laurence van Camp
  • Moved to Australia in 2010 from NZ
  • Joined the Editors 2013
  • Feature Film 'Nerve' at the 2013 Sydney Film Festival
  • Big fan of drama, both on and off screen.
  • 'Psychoanalysis' feature film, award winner at multiple international film festivals
Peter Barton
Peter Barton
  • Formerly The Post Office Films
  • Partner, The Editors
  • Nominated for Best Editing Open Content 2014 - Levis 'A Billion Stories'
  • Best Editing AFI in a Documentary 2010 ‘Connected - The Power of Six Degrees’
  • Best Editing in a Music Video 2012 ASE - Angus Stone ‘Bird on a Buffalo’
  • Feature Film Credit ‘The Man Who Sued God’
Ryan Boucher
Ryan Boucher
  • Moved to the UK 2008.  Joined Marshall Street Editors in 2013
  • Nominated for best editing at Ciclope for the past two years for 'Guinness' and 'NOS'
  • Multi award winner at D&AD, Creative Circle, Media Guardian Awards and the Euro Effies
  • 'Walls' nominated for a Music + Sound Award for best use of existing music
  • 'I Want Muscle' winner of the Grand Prix at ASVOFF. Featured worldwide in a plethora of year end ‘Best Of’ articles
  • 'A Stranger Kind' short film, award winner of multiple international film festivals.
Stewart Reeves
Stewart Reeves
  • Formerly Guillotine, The Whitehouse London & Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
  • Joined The Editors in 2010
  • Moved to Rock, Paper, Scissors LA in 2012 and repped here in Australia by The Editors
  • Best Editing awards include CLIO & AWARD
  • Recent campaigns include Adidas ‘Blow Up‘, Vodafone 'Bucket List' & Budweiser ‘Collective Energy'
Stuart Morley
Stuart Morley
  • Stuart has been editing for more than 20 years, after starting as an assistant in 1993 at Karl Marks Post Production in Sydney, Australia.
  • Stuart is an editor of commercials and films; many of which have been awarded internationally.
  • He has also been nominated for Best Feature Editor by the Australian Screen Editors Guild for the movie Men's Group.

Tim Mauger
Grace Eyre
Grace Eyre
  • Originally from Mt. Pleasant, Texas, moving to Australia from the US in 2012
  •  Joined the Editors in 2013
  • Enjoys narrative, dramatic, and experimental styles of filmmaking
  • Published the science fiction novel 'Prolongment' in 2013
  • Does an ok American accent
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