The founding principle of The Editors was to establish an environment conducive to the flourishing of editing craftsmanship. This initiative not only sought to reassert the significance of the editing process but also aimed to construct a sophisticated space catering to the needs of editors, directors, production companies, and agencies.

Our current roster comprises of thirteen editors, each deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in the Art and Craft of film editing.

With a track record of multi-award-winning achievements, the services provided by The Editors encompass Editing and post-production, grading, and the utilization of multiple Flame suites dedicated to compositing and finishing. This includes a strategic blend of in-house professionals and freelance experts such as Colourists, Operators, and Visual Effects Artists.

The fundamental values of our company, embedded in its DNA, philosophy, and culture, remain true to the name.

We are The Editors.