Lily Davis


Lily found her home in the edit suite after a longstanding love affair with cinema, driven by a childhood spent almost exclusively between the video store and making films in her backyard. Our most recent addition to the editing roster, she was essentially raised by the Editors, taking the opportunity to learn from her peers while working from the ground up.

Her number one passion is storytelling, which she explores in all its forms and incorporates into long-form documentary, music videos, and commercials. Bringing a deft investigation of the feminine to all her work, Lily has an eye for emotion and a distinctive sensitivity to her editing style.

On the rare occasions she tears herself away from the edit, she enjoys cooking chocolate (but mainly eating), and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs.


Budget Direct
Daniel Kleinman | GoodOil | 303 Mullenlowe

Stef Smith | Playtime | The Core Agency

Dave Wood | GoodOil | JWT Sydney

Stef Smith | Playtime | R/GA

AA Insurance 
Adam Gunser | GoodOil | DDB

Young Henrys
Stef Smith | Playtime | The Core Agency

Imogen Grist | Entropico | Saatchi & Saatchi

Winston Surfshirt
Jordan Kirk

Richard Bullock | Hungry Man


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