Leila Gaabi


- D&DA Wooden Pencil 2019
- ASE Ellie Award For best edtited Music Video 2019

- Clipped Award 2020




Londoner Leila Gaabi spent her youth dreaming about becoming a backing dancer for hip hop music videos; that is, until the 90’s drew to a close and her wisdom took hold. Realising this might be a fantasy, Leila took matters into her own hands, and turned to cutting music videos instead.

She spent 6 years honing her skills and developing her unique style at Final Cut London, cutting commercials and confidently breaking into the music and documentary genres.

In 2017, Leila hit the road for 6 months of travelling South America with Australia becoming her final destination. Upon arrival, she soon offered up her talent to The Editors, and where she continues to pursue her life’s loves - editing, with a little dancing on the side.


Sanjay De Silva | Division | CHE Proximity

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